City of Missoula
Budget Committee of the Whole Agenda

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  • Stacie Anderson,
  • Mirtha Becerra,
  • John P. Contos,
  • Heather Harp,
  • Jordan Hess,
  • Gwen Jones,
  • Julie Merritt,
  • Jesse Ramos,
  • Amber Sherrill,
  • Sandra Vasecka,
  • Bryan von Lossberg,
  • and Heidi West

If anyone attending this meeting needs special assistance, please provide 48 hours advance notice by calling the CIty Clerk Office  at 406-552-6079.​


FY 2021 Preliminary Budget Webpage (documents are updated at least 30-minutes prior to the meeting):

Business Improvement District - 15 minutes

Revenue Analysis - (Cancelled, will be discussed at a later date)

Attorney Office budget - 20 minutes

(10 minute break)

Police Department budget - 1 hour 50 minutes

(Time allotted for a 10 minute break during this presentation)

  • Recommended motion:

    Direct the City Clerk office staff to draft a resolution for public comment during the August 10, 2020, public hearing on the final assessments for Street Maintenance District 1 that includes the Business Improvement District’s request for increased funding to maintain the level of services they provide the district.