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For more ways to watch the meeting and submit public comment, see the Citizen Participation Guide.

Issues?  Call the City Clerk 406-552-6078.

If anyone attending this meeting needs special assistance, please provide 48 hours advance notice by calling the City Clerk Office at 406-552-6073.




(Items on the consent agenda were approved in City Council committees to be placed on the consent agenda to save time at Council meetings by voting on them as a package. The City Clerk will read the list aloud, so citizens watching on MCAT will know what is on the consent agenda. We’ll invite community comment on these items before we vote.)

  • Recommended motion:
  • Recommended motion:

    Confirm the Mayor’s reappointment of Jessica Dougherty Goodburn and Gene Schmitz to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board for a term beginning October 1, 2021 and expiring on September 30, 2024.

  • Recommended motion:

    Adopt a resolution requesting that MDT distribute the City of Missoula’s 2021 allocated share of Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability Act (BaRSAA) funds ($1,289,370.42), committing to the City’s contribution of five percent in matching funds, and authorizing the Mayor to execute further documents as may be necessary for the distribution of funds.

  • Recommended motion:

    Approve and authorize the Mayor to sign a contract amendment to contract A8172 Contract Agreement for Services – Corporation for Supportive Housing.



(State law and City Council rules set guidelines for inviting community comment in a formal way on certain issues.  Following a staff report on each item, the City Council and the Mayor invite community comment.  During COVID 19, the City Council is holding the public hearing open for a week and then voting the following week, unless there is a requirement for final action on the night of the public hearing.)  

The City Council will hold this public hearing open for a week. The Land Use and Planning committee will take it up on September 29. 2021 and City Council will take it up on October 4, 2021, under final consideration.


(Items listed under Final Consideration have had a public hearing.  The hearing was held open to allow time for additional public comment before final consideration and action by the City Council. The chairperson of the standing City Council committee will make a motion. We invite community comment on each item.)




(Items listed under committee reports were not approved unanimously in City Council committees. The chairperson of the standing City Council committee will make a motion. We invite community comment on each item.)

  • Recommended motion:

    Approve the 1205 West Broadway Bridge Apartments Buy-Sell Agreement between the City and Western Montana Mental Health and authorize the Mayor to complete the property acquisition by executing ancillary and consequent documents necessary to close the acquisition.

  • Recommended motion:

    Adopt a resolution declaring the official intent of the City of Missoula, Montana, to reimburse certain original expenditures related to the purchase of The Bridge Apartments from the proceeds of tax-exempt bonds to be issued by the City after the payment of such original expenditures.



(Items listed here have been proposed by Council members, staff, or the Mayor for consideration in City Council committees. Committee chairs are responsible for scheduling consideration of these items in their respective committee meetings. These items are listed on our agenda for information only. They will not be considered at this meeting. For further information about any item, contact the person listed in italics.)




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